Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Independent noble

My independent noble is called The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold, it has 328 pages, and the genre is mystery. The main character is Susie, who is the girl telling the story, it talks how she is trying for her dad, Jack Salmon, to find out who the murderer was. What Susie's dad didn't know was that the murderer is closer than what he thinks, George Harvey, neighbor next door was keeping everything on the low. When Susie trying to find her heaven, but not trying to let go on Earth, she finds new things, how her sister Lindsey is doing better as time goes by, opposite from her parents.

Summary of book

My book is called The Lovely Bones, the first part of it is explaining how she is trying to help, more like her dad to convince himself that Mr.Harvey, their neighbor, is responsiblefor of Susie's death. Susie was gathering evidence from her lost keychain, to her hat that was a utensil that Mr.Harvey used to keep her quiet. While her dad, Jack Salmon, is too engrossed in trying to find the culprit of Susie's murder he doesn't really notice that he is getting more and more apart of his family, nor does he notice that his wife is drifting more and more apart. So when he has doubts about Mr.Harvey, her wife is getting feelings for the detective in charge of their daughter's murder, and loosing feelings for him. His son, Buckley is growing up, her daughter Lindsey is also growing up, but she is not alone she is growing up with her boyfriend Samuel. While it seemed that everything was drifting apart, there was Ruth, the girl who only talked to Susie once, and Ray, the guy who had a crush on Susie and kissed her once. They had been growing together.